I feel stuck

Originally posted 2021-01-22 13:29:17.

In full disclosure I am writing this while under the influence of Ativan…so…

Why must we be so afraid of death?

Why do we mourn so much over our loved ones?

Is it because we really don’t know what’s on the other side?

Is it because we don’t know if they are truly better off where they were, in pain?
I wonder, with tears I type, I wonder.

To my loved ones both here and there…
I feel like we are straddling a rickety bridge over a never-ending black hole.

Yet on the other side of the bridge….it’s so peaceful, so Beautiful, serene.

We go go go and go everyday. Not once thinking about where they go.

Are they ok?

With so many religious and so many ways each of them see death… we truly don’t know.

Are we just floating about the clouds?
Where are we in this thing they call life?
I feel stuck, like a tire in the southernmost red mud.   STUCK  

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