Have you ever?

Originally posted 2018-06-01 13:58:52.

So, I somehow screw up my days.

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist for my diabetes. I thought it was this morning. It normally takes my about an hour and 15 or so minutes to get there.

Well this morning my appointment was at 8:30am. I had to give myself extra time to get there because I had to go through morning traffic – which included traffic going onto 3 military bases.

I leave 2 hours before my appointment.

Get there in time, go in, proceed to check in and the receptionist tells me my appointment was yesterday morning.


Wasted sleep, gas, and fasted for no reason.

Now I had to reschedule my appointment and do it all over again next Monday.


I’m so tired lol – can’t you tell?

All that driving for nothing lol I could have had a doughnut since today was National Doughnut Day (or something like that lol)

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