Gone to work

Do you ever just miss your spouse while they are gone to work?

I mean there isn’t anything different that is going on or spouse isn’t gone for anything out of the norm.

Well … this is where I am right now.

I just miss my husband more than the norm.

He is gone to work just like any normal day of the week but for whatever reason I miss him lol.

Even though he can annoy the shit out of me I miss him.

His ways can piss me off at times but I can bet I do the same to him too.

We all have those things that can get on each others nerves.

Yet … still I miss him while he’s gone to work.

It’s funny because here lately I haven’t slept well at all.

I toss and turn constantly in my sleep and I know it interrupts my husband’s sleep.

I don’t want him to not be able to sleep because of my toss and turns so some nights I get up and go into the living room.

Those nights I do that he tells me that he doesn’t sleep well when I am not in the bed next to him.

I admit when he was working nights it felt different too.

Is this what my life has come to LMAO

Oh well… there’s always tomorrow

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