Differences Don’t = Divide

Originally posted 2019-10-26 11:00:00.

My vent…

I wish there wasn’t such a divide in our current climate. We are all different, will never fully agree with one another. But focusing on the things we do agree on should be the one thing that keeps us together.

I do not understand how humanity is killing normal civil friendships.

Don’t you have friends you don’t agree with on everything?

Does it stop you from being their friend?

Just agree to disagree.

I feel like some have gone off the deep end in all directions.

Are folks saying things just to get a rise out of others?

Do they fully agree with what they spew out of their own mouths?

We have become an overly sensitive society that changes the meaning of words to appease their own narratives.

Why? I am serious, why?

What you allow yourself to react to is what will control you.

If you allow words to get you all riled up you have done nothing but let that person win. They essentially can ”control” you. I mean truly think about it.

Who can say what words is utterly ridiculous. Folks are so focused on the wrong things they just waste time doing what needs to be done. They focus on crap that truly isn’t important. For what?

We all will die one day. Do you want to spend the last days of your life focused on what someone does or does not say? I sure as hell don’t.

They are just words!

You can control how you react to it!

Music has so much meaning . Not looking at who is singing it. Not looking at anything other than we all like what we are hearing and feeling.

Are you the type of person that refuses to like a song based on the person?

If you like the song you like the song. If the person singing it sounds good then listen to it!

Ughh… yeah I know this post may not be all together but I just want to live my life and try my very best at enjoying every minute of it. You are the only person that can make the most of your own existence.

Stop creating lines to divide us as we all just want to live our lives before we leave this earth.

Enjoy the sound. Close your eyes and just feel the music.

Stop focusing on who said what. Just enjoy your life. Enjoy the soundtrack of your life. Music can do wonders for us but sometimes we focus so much on crap that really has no value we can’t enjoy the music.

Enjoy the good times just as much as the bad. Enjoy the conversations we have with one another and keep them civil. Stop putting meaning to things that all they do is divide.

Do you so wholeheartedly believe in some things folks think that you would refuse help if you were drowning? In a house fire and they are the only one there to help rescue you? Would you rather die than that person help you?

rant over… I need another cup of coffee. Have a great day y’all!

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