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New Toys

I purchased a new toy for the house. The main reason was to have something to play calming music at night for Saoirse. She has so much energy that sometimes nighttime isn’t as calm...

My Boy

My husband sent me a text last night while he was at work. It was just a screenshot image of a song he had listened to. If you are able to listen to it,...

Musical Memory

I used to love 90s R & B music like Jodeci, but now I can’t listen to them, at all, and it sucks. You see when their album Forever My Lady came out I...

Hallelujah Veteran Style

http://militaryspouse.com/military-life/hallelujah-veterans-version-written-performed-by-veteran/ Originally posted 2017-10-16 11:05:39.

Who has a mom crush??

Are you guilty too? I think we all have these moments. You scroll and see someone with gorgeous hair, legs for days, boobs perfectly perky even after having the modern day equivalent of the...

The power of music

ISN’T THIS GUY WONDERFUL??!! Originally posted 2019-05-30 15:32:21.

Coffey’s New Song 🤣🤣

“Your New Boyfriend” – My favorite song to sing live! Download the song on the “This Is Me” album today! Full video on IGTV today at 10am. #coffeyanderson #countrymusic #calicountry #texascountry singing at the...

Wanted Dead or Alive Dusty Style

This boy loves this song. He watches my step father play guitar as well as music videos and as you can see tries to mimic them. Originally posted 2017-10-18 09:36:12.