The last 24 hours

The day started like any other. I try not to let Dusty know he has an appointment because he will not sleep and get up at the butt crack of dawn.

He had an appointment at his neurologist’s office but not with the neurologist.

He was seeing the doctor who handles his VNS (vagal nerve stimulator).

They were checking the battery and other information that it holds.

He had it surgically placed in 2016.

The battery was at 50 percent according to the readouts.

VNS data

They will start the process of either replacing the battery or installing a newer version of the device. Which it sounds like what they might do considering the newer versions get more data.

They can tell us more information on seizures not just when the device is activated.

Since Dusty has alot of seizures, so this would be helpful.

He is on three different seizure medications as well daily Ativan (3 times a day).

Of course doing anything right now during the covid mess is not happening.

It’s not worth risking going in for surgery to replace device when he is doing ok.

Now, to the next part of my day.

My husband texts me early this morning. I was already up because dogs needed to use the bathroom.

Not to mention I had a pile of poop and pee waiting for me in the laundry room.

I am going to set up the Furbo camera tonight to see who it is 🤦🏼‍♀️.

It seems like it is a regular occurrence lately.

Anyway, my husband’s complaining of stomach cramping, feeling nauseous, etc.

Kind of same symptoms of heat exhaustion minus the severe sweating.

He didn’t have a fever.

I messaged the doctor, then called the office when they opened.

It’s funny because they know me lol.

The nurse answered the phone and recognized my voice, lol.

I was trying to get him in this morning but that won’t happening.

They are double booked because of all the coronavirus crap.

For now, it’s pepto bismol and Gatorade.

He can’t get into the doctors office until Friday.

I asked her if they get a cancelation to let me know.

I imagine he won’t go to work today so fingers crossed they call me later and tell me they can see him today.

I wonder if it’s a combination of salt intake and not enough water.

We ate sausage dogs and french fries on Monday. He ate some when he got home from work early Tuesday morning.

I don’t know what it is but this has happened several times in the past few months. 🤔🤔

So my day will be tending to my husband and hopefully it’s nothing serious nor contagious. I don’t need Dusty getting anything his body can’t fight.

Have a good day y’all!


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