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Within the span of the past month and some change it seems it has been non-stop around here. The newest pup, Chewy had his surgery in November to reconstruct his knee/leg in order to stabilize his kneecap. It kept sliding off to the side of his leg and then back to the front. It was seemed to be going ok several weeks after. Other than the fact I had to keep constant eyes on him in order to make sure he didn’t mess with his leg at all. We had almost made it to the follow up appointment and ….

One of the surgical pins started backing out

This morning started out us waiting on the furniture repairman. One of our recliners malfunctioned and they had to order the part, then wait for the part to arrive, then finally send someone back out to fix it. Well as I took Chewy outside to use the bathroom (as I have to take him out with a leash and a support strap) I noticed his walk back up to the porch. It seemed a bit odd. So I stopped him to check it out and this was what I saw. I called the veterinarian’s office and explained what I saw. Since his follow up appointment was the next day I wasn’t sure if I could wait until then or not. They asked me if it was possible for me to bring him in. OK, … had errands to run so I thought by the time we got back into town from taking him and dropping him off we’d be in time for James’s appointment that afternoon.

We did all we had to do, Chewy had to stay in order for the doctor to go in and fix it. I started to head to the doctor’s office where James had his appointment. As I was literally pulling into the parking lot of the doctor’s office James calls my cell phone. I figured he was running a bit behind as he was getting off work and had to try to make it out of the everyday traffic.  NOPE…. that wasn’t it. He had already left work and was almost there. He got about 2-3 blocks away and got into an accident. He was on his motorcycle. He had been behind a car that had started slowing down and then pulled to the right of the street as if they were pulling over. James did what I think most people would do, go around it. He said he started going around her and as he noticed her pulling back to the left he hit his brakes on the motorcycle. It had rained earlier and the roads were still wet, but not currently raining. As he hit his brakes the back tire lost traction and threw the bike off balance. James ended up being thrown into the lady’s car. The motorcycle just slid up the street.

As he was telling me on the phone that he had wrecked I see the emergency responders leaving the station right around the corner. It headed in that direction. I almost started to panic…almost. I still had Dusty with me as always, so I had to chill it out somehow.  Took a deep breath as I was heading in James’s direction.  You know how it seems it takes forever to get somewhere when it is urgent and everybody and their mother is ahead of you? Yeah that is what it felt like.  I pulled up on scene, pulled to the side of the road. I got out of truck and started running best I could to him. He had I think about 5 EMT/Paramedics around him. He was clearly having trouble breathing.  They wanted to take him to the hospital but his butt refused to go with them. I told him I was going to take him whether he liked it or not.  They were thinking he may have suffered broken ribs or lung damage by the way he was trying to breathe.  So him going home was out of the question. I got everything up that had been scattered on the street, we got James to our truck, I put his seat belt on for him, got paperwork from the officer and then we headed to the emergency room.

They had him as a trauma patient based on reports from the scene and the damage to the vehicle. I mean like I said, his body is what hit her car, nothing else. By the way, no one else was hurt and they were able to drive their car away. James’s motorcycle had to be towed.

Now just to rewind a bit, my mother was 2-2 1/2 hours away from me in the hospital having to possibly have another stent put in heart. I had wanted to go to the hospital after handling some of the stuff but wasn’t happening. Thank goodness she didn’t have to go through much as they actually ended the procedure early because she didn’t need it. It ended up being a problem with her thyroid. They sent her home with some medication.

James had a CT Scan and ultrasound within the first 30 minutes of walking in the door. The trauma doctor feared the damage was more internal like liver and lungs. Do you know what?? He was banged up and bruised both inside and out but lungs, liver, ribs…just fine. The doctor told him that his “meat on his bones” (a direct quote) along with the Duluth Trading company jeans saved him from further damage. We were like WHAT??!! Are you serious? James was in some pain but would heal in time. He had to take some time off from work to let his body heal some. But blessed to have been able to walk away just feeling pain.  I can tell you it scared us all. Knowing he could have potentially had to deal with a collapsed lung or liver damage.

That day was one I was so glad to be home afterwards. Kayla drove down as soon as I told her what happened.



Then we had to hurry up and get his Harley on the road. Which that took every bit of our Christmas money and some but it’s ok. Our gift to ourselves is just having each other and what health we do have. Grateful at this point it isn’t any worse… I do have an appointment coming up for a mass in my groin area that didn’t respond to three rounds of antibiotics and the doctor trying to find out what it was but was unsuccessful. Keeping my fingers and every other extremity crossed it’s something simple.  I should know in a week or so, hopefully.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or holiday celebrations. Many blessings to you and yours in this New Year.

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