Boot Feet Suck

Originally posted 2018-08-07 11:23:06.

Ever since my husband’s active duty days in the Marine Corps he has had what we like to call as “boot feet”.  – Docs ( or medics ) repeatedly tell them to change their socks. That is why alot of times one of the most requested items in care packages would be socks. 

My husband has tinea pedis better known as athlete’s foot but nothing seems to work on them at all. Now as a sandblaster he has the same problem. He will wear steel-toe rubber boots and well when it is hot his feet sweat even more. So we have been searching high and low for socks that would help stem the growth of problems he already is plagued with.

Recently I purchased socks from Duluth Trading Company. – The same company I mentioned in the post about his motorcycle accident and the trauma doc mentioning the jeans as part of the reason why he sustained minimal injuries.

I purchased the following socks and had him choose which pair kept his feet drier and helped 

Men’s 7-Year Performance Lightweight Crew Socks

Men’s 7-Year Performance Lightweight Quarter Socks

Men’s CoolMax Midweight Boot Socks

He wore each pair of socks on different days. Each days weather conditions were the same so he knew he was going to be sweating profusely. (FYI he’s a sweater anyway) Normally he has to change his socks at the least twice a day. Well he wore each pair. Each pair had their strong suits but the winner for this issue was definitely the Men’s CoolMax Midweight Boot Socks. They gave him the added cushion that he loved because the work boots he wears inside the sandblasting booth weren’t built for comfort. He didn’t need to change his socks. Now his feet did sweat but no wear like they have in any other pair. So buying these socks are a must-have for his wardrobe.

For both work and play. He wears boot all the time unless he is at home and he isn’t going back outside. Otherwise he has boots on 18 out of the 24 hours a day. 

If you or your spouse, friend, or family member have issues try these socks on for size. I realize they aren’t priced like a 6 pack of socks from Walmart but these definitely do not compare. 

Sign up on their site and they will send you a discounted code to use on your purchase then try them on and see for yourself. I wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t buy them ourselves. For those of you that wear boots alot like those in the military you know what it means to find good socks that help keep your feet dry.  – 

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