You don’t need to take what I said out on my daughter

Originally posted 2014-05-12 12:12:38.

This is part of what I said in an earlier post.

For those of you not aware of what I am referring to here is the post .

So the plot thickens. My daughter tried to do the right thing and she went to tell her boyfriend’s mother, Happy Mothers Day. She bought her some flowers and headed over. She gave her a letter/note and the flowers and not sure what if anything the mother said to her after she got them. But she stayed talking to her boyfriend and then after reading her letter/note his mother approaches my daughter. She started talking to her and then finds out why her attitude towards my daughter has changed. It is because of something I said. When I see bruises, not normal bruising, on my daughter I go into defense mode. As a woman who has gone through abuse I am not going to say I am sorry for thinking your son abused my daughter. I do nor my husband offer ANY apology whatsoever for my comments. In the situation you would have possibly done the same thing and maybe more. I don’t hate or dislike your son. If you had a problem with what I said fine but my daughter did nothing to you or your family that deserves the disrespectful treatment you and your husband are dishing out her. I am not sure if you have ever had to go through abuse at the hands of someone who claims to love you or anyone for that matter but it changes you. You will no longer look at a bruise the same. What my kids have had to witness no child should ever have to see.

I don’t know what to think of his parents anymore. They are church going folk and I still respect them. I won’t do them the way they are doing my child and my family. I made that comment in a bit of rage and honestly had a flashback to my own experiences. Being kept from my family for 2 years and not allowed to speak to anyone else like the way I wanted to and needed to. I never want my daughter to have to experience this type of abuse. You have a daughter of your own and when she gets older I hope you could somehow sympathize with my statement. Just stop being a bitch to my daughter. My daughter didn’t corrupt your son. I don’t think I am the perfect person or parent. Don’t think my experiences make me an expert on certain things but what I can say is that I am an expert where it comes to me and mine. Don’t claim to be God-fearing and then treat another this way. You will be seen as big a hypocrite just like some strip club going preacher.



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