Originally posted 2021-12-09 10:38:31.

It’s kind of funny because the one that says “you think other people have it worse” is something I always think when I hear someone say or talk about their trauma.

Not that in validates my own just that I feel like I may have kind of “gotten over” mine (even though you never really do) just that some people may not have been able to handle the pain from the trauma as well as I think I have…

I stress I think I have too LOL

Which one(s) do you feel you agree with?

May be an image of text that says 'your trauma is valid, @igototherapy even if... you can't it's been years remember it since it properly happened you haven't told anyone about it your symptoms don't look like someone else's it didn't make you stronger' someone didn't think was a big deal you think other people have it worse' it took while for you to realize it was trauma it doesn't really impact you anymore'

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