The fight against a virus

Originally posted 2016-05-31 20:51:51.

As we all have seen in the news the zika virus has spread across many states in the US. To my knowledge there has only been a few confirmed positive with the virus. Since the virus itself has varying symptoms and affects on each individual I needed to find a way to try and somehow combat the ones we have here. With all the rain we have had and is forecasted to get that means more mosquitoes. We’ve eliminated the areas in the yard that tend to flood so that the water isn’t standing in those areas but then when we get a higher amount of rain we can’t really stop the flooding.

Since Dusty had salmonella I have seen what certain viruses can do and just how they can affect him. For someone “normal” it can put you in the hospital but for Dusty…we just never know. The problems grow by the symptom. We just needed to try and keep certain viruses at bay the best way we can. I know we can never protect him from every virus, bacteria, or germ but ones that can cause gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, they can leave him depleted and in an extremely vulnerable state. His seizures have been hard enough to combat lately. We don’t need to add to it.

So we were watching QVC tv network. They were showing this product called Dynatrap.  It draws bugs in, traps them, and then they die. Now we have used it for a few days.

They had the half an acre model and then the full one acre model. I opted for the full acre. If It doesn’t work like they say there is always the option to return it.

This may not be the absolute answer but anything try and knock some of the overall numbers.

Day One
Day One


day 2
Day Two


dynatrap at night
Dynatrap at night






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