Tell me why…

Originally posted 2022-01-05 11:27:16.

On the preoperative call yesterday with surgery center nurse.

She was going through the normal questions they ask for surgery preop.

Stroke/mini-strokes came up.

I told her I have had 9 mini-strokes and 1 stroke.

She started asking me who my cardiologist was. I told her I didn’t remember as I hadn’t seen one in years.

I told her where and when my last mini-stroke and stroke was.

She asked me again. I told her no I hadn’t seen a cardiology but I saw a neurologist more recently.

As well as a hematologist to run tests to see why I keep having them.

She then proceeded to put me on hold twice.

Tell me why it felt as if she didn’t believe me?

My tear duct bypass in on January 11th.

Fingers crossed this one goes well.

Then to focus on the neck and or carpal tunnel. I don’t know anymore 🤦🏼‍♀️

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