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Originally posted 2014-06-03 13:47:39.

Finally! I have someone going to bat for me. Thank Goodness because this is getting so frustrating. Plus when you get bills for $1900.00 for a hospital visit that resulted in nothing for you it gets even more frustrating. One of them has already gone into collections but what do you do? They call me and say they need a certain amount for it to be a payment arrangement but I have told them I just cannot afford a certain amount. I realize payment is due for services rendered, no questioning that. My problem is that I need to focus on the issue itself and that means if I can’t pay the amount and need that amount to go towards future appointments, procedures, etc. Uhhhhhh.
I am almost at a point of crying because the funds just aren’t there and we have done so much to keep all of our bills current. The entire loan on our vehicle never had a late payment.

On top of all that. Since my son is ”disabled” and has received help we were supposed to be eligible for some type of reimbursement for the premium payments we are making for our employer based health insurance. We put the application in last year…literally. We updated the application later in Dec 2013. Then got all stuff going and resubmitted it all in Jan 2014. They have to find that your case is cost effective, which I can tell you it is. Funny thing is that the case is still pending. Which is absolutely baffling. The entire process is said to take up to 30days. Well someone forgot to remind them that it is way past 30 days. Here it is June, six months later, 30 days x 5, over 150 days so far. They have asked us for all kinds of information which we have submitted with no problem but my problem is that after all the stuff given and no results I begin to wonder if this department is actually legit. Am I going to wake up one day and find that our funds in our account have been exhausted by them taking it from us instead of what was promised? I mean they have personal information and when they keep telling you that the case is in QA, then in the audit department then said back to QA then back to audit, and so on and so forth you really question the validity of the actual existence of the department itself. You being to wonder is this place based in a far away land run by scammers? It is sort of like the VA, said to be there for you but when you need them they are non-exist. Which in my husbands case…it’s been over a year since he got out of the Marine Corps and still nothing, no word. Thank goodness for other agencies and other veterans that have offered advice to him on what to do and what not to do. But that is a totally different post.

On a different not. After the recent ultrasound appointment and the results from that I am off to see a surgeon. Funny thing is that the doctor that referred me to the get the ultrasound who is also the same doctor to refer me to the surgeon, well it seems she is a bit weary of the results of the ultrasound. I won’t go into detail since there is current litigation but the doctor sent me to the surgeon with her own theory. But she did send the records and recording from the ultrasound. Now to see what they think. I am not sure if exploratory surgery is in the works or what. I just know that the possibility of surgery is there. If they can get rid of it and it resolves my symptoms thank God. I only want some resolution. If this is ovarian cancer then time is not on my side. I have the symptoms of ovarian cancer, risk factors and have a history of cancer (cervical, uterine) as well as have history of ovarian cysts, ones that ruptured and left me a 30 minute window and if they had not caught it when they did I wouldn’t be sitting here blogging about it.

My husband is doing all he can at this point trying to make sure we have what we need. All the while trying to get himself into a new career, commercial driving. Trying to make life a little bit easier for us. He decided to get his commercial license for several reasons, one reason just tipped the scale….tuition for our daughter’s first year of college. For some reason we owe after merit scholarships, a few loans we still owe over $14k a for her first year of college. We have tried to use my husbands GI Bill/Post 911 education benefits BUT he wasn’t eligible to transfer his benefits to his daughter. Sucks because that benefit is there, he earned that and should be able to transfer it to his daughter to use. Since we moved and our daughter had to move schools we lost some of the benefits. I am beyond disappointed with the school she is graduating from. All the work she has done throughout her high school career is not recognized at all. They don’t participate in the A/B honor roll system. They have the AVID program but the teacher doesn’t do the job she was hired to do. The program has certain requirements and I am well aware of all the things that come with being in it. They have assignments that are required by the course program itself and as far as I can see…those assignments are not being or have not been done. My daughter has been in the AVID program since middle school and I know what they are required to do to stay in it and keep their grades up. Those assignments haven’t been done.

Ok, so have one thing to speak on where this school is also concerned. Since my son is special needs his entire school life he was in special education classes. These teachers do a lot and it is not an easy job by any means. They have a lot of paperwork required of them for each student. I have met many teachers throughout the country that were good teachers. Not only were they good teachers but their heart was in it for the right reasons. Special Education is not a profession that is just a ”job”. If your heart is not in it for the benefit for the children in the program you need not be in that field. The teacher at the school my daughter attends is a prime example. There have been several attempts over the years to get this teacher to get involved in other things for the benefit of the students and no one could ever get the teacher to sign on. This is what kills me. One thing my daughter did is establish what’s called Project Unify club where regular education students and special education students join a club and just enjoy the company of each other. My daughter has established one at her previous school as well with good results. The program/club is still active today. They only need a teacher in it to ”sponsor” the club but all activities and details are the responsibility of the students. This teacher felt like it was more work and didn’t agree to do it. THIS IS FOR THE CHILDREN INVOLVED NOT YOU! I have also seen a teacher that didn’t allow his/her students to participate in Special Olympics because they thought the previous program they were in at their previous place of employment was better. Again, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IT IS FOR THE STUDENTS INVOLVED! I wish the teachers would get over their ego and let the kids enjoy it. Get out of that profession if you are not there for the benefit of the students. Special Olympics is not for your benefit. It wasn’t established for you to not give your students a chance to enjoy his peers and compete against others like them.

This has bugged me for years now. Ok. Now that I got that off my chest. Please check out the Special Olympics programs in your area. Volunteer for them just once and see the enjoyment in their faces whether they win or not. The passion and dedication in that community is unlike any other. For us after the first event we were hooked. We love to just see the sunshine on the faces of these athletes while they are giving all they have in that one moment of competition. They will attempt to move the air in front of them to try to win. You will gain life long friends that will do anything for you just because you supported them.

We have established a fundraiser to try to raise the funds needed. Please consider donating, every little helps. Please share both my blog and our fundraiser. Thank you.

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