Special Cutie

Originally posted 2019-03-20 12:42:21.

As you know we are dog lovers.

I have always loved dogs. I’ve said if we won the lottery we’d buy some land and rescue dogs that needed to be rescued. No matter what – near or far…

Strolling through my Facebook timeline yesterday I ran across this cutie.

She reminds me of Chewy, not in looks, just the fact she had “special needs”.

We are going to meet this lil rascal Sunday. The rescue screens potential family’s looking to adopt. I think this is a good thing because unfortunately there is alot of turnover in our county. I think most of it may be because we are heavily populated by military families. Alot of times when moving duty stations it’s alot easier when we don’t have a pet or 2. In our case currently 3,lol.

Pets seem to become expendable. I’ve never understood why some get them for temporary situations.

Now I know being a military family temporary is our middle name but to us having a pet can give you a sense of normalcy. Is it easier to move without them? Yes, but when we get them it’s not something we do for a short period of time them get rid of them

We know they are with us until it’s their time to go. Unless we are fostering them.

They can make so many lives so much brighter.

I’ve seen folks have their lives turned upside down then back up again with the right dog. They impact over lives in so many ways that alot of us truly do not realize just how much we gain from their presence.

Children grow up and have such happy memories of their dogs as a child.

I watched a movie the other day called A Dog’s Purpose. My eyes were so raw afterwards. Both sad and happy tears.

I felt a connection with this cutie but won’t know just how much of a connection until we meet her.

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