Should I be alarmed

it’s Monday, what else is new?

It’s raining here.

I so suck at driving in the rain for some apparent reason.

It’s my eyes. I think it is a combination of aging and having had lasik surgery years ago.

I had it done within the first few months of being in Las Vegas, which was in 2003/2004.

Anywho (or as my niece has been saying.. anywhore, I don’t know where she got that from lol, I hope it isn’t something bad that isn’t something a 12 year old should be saying)

I had physical therapy this morning… went without a hitch.

I left and went to Ulta to get some of the face scrub I have been using.

Walk in… and all I hear is their fire alarm going off.


I text my bff and she was like… the alarms seem to be following me LOL

funny not funny.

It took me breathing.. stopped… breathing… stopped.. etc

I needed the face scrub and almost walked out.

Thankfully the young lady quickly diverted my attention and I was able to get thru it.

My normal face scrub I guess was discontinued so she gave me a different one to try.

Then I asked her for a few more things and noticed they had fixed the alarm!! yeah!!

Ughhh… yeah… I know I know…

I’m weird lol.

End of my story for the day LMAO… got home, got coffee and now just trying to rid myself of a headache.

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