She’s seems miserable

Originally posted 2019-02-22 08:04:09.

We have a consultation with NC State Veterinary School’s Oncology Dept. to see what if anything can be done before the dreaded decision has to be made.

My husband said he doesn’t want to make that decision.

This was their findings.

I.E. Cancer…

Me and cancer this year … this mf’r needs to fuck off.

She came home with a bunch of medications. She’s on the same neurontin as I am, steroids, two anti-nausea medications, and omeprazole for her stomach.

She’s my husband’s dog. She’s not a service dog, on paper, but is definitely one in his life. He stood at the gas pump crying his eyes out.

We want to give her the life she is used to if at all possible but not sure how right now.

We do know radiation is the only option for treatment but it’s extremely expensive. We will find out all available information on Monday.

Please, if you pray or whatever you do, add my husband and Charlie. We don’t want her to suffer. My husband is having such a hard time with this.

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