School Year Sanity

Originally posted 2020-07-10 10:54:07.

With the upcoming school year being undetermined for some and determined for others you will need to keep your sanity prepared!Do it with a multitude of things not just beer thirty, lol

My recommendations,

1 👉 Now & Zen Roll-On / Meditative Essential Oil – Find your inner zen no matter where life takes you. This peaceful essential oil blend mixes gentle lavender and marjoram with warm, lush ho wood and vanilla. Roll it over your temples, wrists, or neck and let the day fade away. The soothing botanical oils in Now & Zen help create a sense of well-being and support you during times of stress.

2 👉 Clarity Essential Oil Blend Open Sesame – Roll-onOpen Sesame is a soothing clarity blend that includes eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon essential extracts with cooling peppermint. Apply Open Sesame morning, noon, or night to help you feel refreshed all day long!

3 👉 CBD Infused Bath Salts HēLi – Body Soak – Swirl our CBD-infused salts under running water for a sensual, soothing soak. Scented with a bouquet of dreamy lavender and gentle chamomile, HeLi Body Soak blends naturally mineral-rich Epsom salt and cannabis sativa seed oil to help relieve the stress of the day and nourish skin.Don’t go into the new year without something for you! You and your sanity and your children will need it lol.

I use each of the above products on top of other things like the CBD Massage Melt (which I add I use EVERY DAY, lol) I even put it in my purse any time we leave the house. It is like my American Express card, I can’t leave home without it, lol. It’s something I can honestly admit to being addicted too.

I mean being a parent is tough but adding your own struggles, illnesses with being a caregiver, parent of a adult child with autism and special needs is a totally different ball game!

We all have our struggles but it is how we handle them and what we admit to handling them with lol. I guess you could say some things end up being our crutch. I am not a drinker so my vice right now would be a my massage melt.

What is your vice? Do you have something you use religiously right now?

I am thankful Dusty graduated school already because I can’t imagine how home schooling/online learning would go with him.

Want to try, just ask me! Or you can go online and check them out!

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