Rude Awakening

This morning we were abruptly woken up by the dogs fighting for some reason.

Now, Max, our eldest dog is approximately 16 years old.

At least that is what we have estimated it at. Our daughter found him in 2007 and they estimated his age at around 6 months then.

James and I have been together (as of June of this year) 16 years. So we always go off our anniversary since we don’t know his official age.

Well he has doggie dementia, ulcers in his eyes and well… he is just ornery some times, or alot of the time. He is on prozac and gabapentin.

Prozac is well for obvious reasons since it is a mental health drug.

The gabapentin was given to him for pain.

It’s quite funny because I take that medication, my husband, and Chewy lol.

All for the same reason, pain.

Anyway, when we heard the dogs James and I both jumped up and well now we are feeling it.

Since I had my latest back surgery on the 29th and his appendectomy on the 23rd we both are still healing.

He has returned to work but hasn’t been doing his normal job yet.

His muscles are still healing and I think he expected it to be all good at this point.

I tried to tell him each person is different and he has just been feeling it more. I mean it is his abdominal muscles and since what he does at work deals with alot of core muscles he is going to feel it more.

Now, me… yep, we all know how back surgery recovery will vary.

But when I jumped up after hearing the dogs it wasn’t felt right away. But I am definitely feeling it now.

My scar this time was a vertical 5 inch one.

It’s funny cause I sent my bff a pic and she said she couldn’t tell where my butt crack started/stopped and the scar started, 🤣🤣

But she’s right. That’s how it looks.

Let’s just say my back modeling days are behind me

So I am now sitting in my recliner with heat resting on so gently on my back and lathered cbd muscle rub on it too.

Medication and coffee is on tap for the day.

But I must admit, coffee is always on tap for me. 🤣

It is coffee or water, that’s all I consume.

I haven’t even started physical therapy yet and if I feel like this then I may have to reschedule lol.

As for the dogs, well I think I may have to give Max one of his other pills today since he has been a little, testy? I am not sure if that’s the word I am looking for but that’s the word I am going with for now.

Anywho… Have a good day!

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