Rollercoaster Ride

This past week and some change has been a wild one.

Started on the night of the 22nd and as of right now still lingering.

I woke up to my husband throwing up and wailing in pain.

It was odd because it was the same exact pain and complaints from the last time he ended up in the emergency room.

The last ER visit didn’t result in a diagnosis, which worried me even more because he had the same symptoms.

Even after they ran tests, scoped his insides, did a colonoscopy, nothing was shown as abnormal.

Now he was affected by the burn pits while deployed and they recorded that in his medical records but nothing has been connected as of yet.

So the night of the 22nd I wanted to get ahead of things and told him let’s go to the ER.

I got him there and he had passed out from pain and was still throwing up.

His blood pressure was extremely high by the time they took it.

They started running tests, his liver enzymes were high just like last time. Nothing else jumped off the charts as a reason to his symptoms.

The ER doc came in and was doing a physical exam and was focused on his abdominal region.

They then ordered a CT scan with contrast. After that was done in walks a surgeon. I knew what that meant. I just didn’t know what needed to be done. The surgeon started asking him questions, feeling on his stomach, sides, etc.

Then he asked him to lift his leg up and as soon as he did he almost threw up.

Just before he went back to surgery

The surgeon knew then and there (along with the CT scan) what needed to be done.

It was appendicitis. He needed emergency surgery to remove his appendix.

That surgery went without a hitch and he is still recovering. The problem was that I had my lumbar back surgery coming up on the 29th. I didn’t know how well he could handle helping me while he is still recovering himself.

He hadn’t driven since the day before his surgery so now I knew he had to be extremely careful.

I drove to the hospital the morning of my surgery and he drove home when it was time for him to head home.

Dusty needed his medications, the dogs needed their medications as well as being fed and taken out to use the bathroom.

I’m now at home but extremely limited on my activities.

My husband is limited on his as well but is getting along better now just not back to his previous state.

This has been one wild ride that I wanted to just get off.

It isn’t helping at all that rain is rolling in as I type this.

He will be home with me for the next week but we have a multitude of follow up appointments, to also include the VA hospital. Ughhh… If you know, you know.

I can’t sleep… several reasons.

One is there is a patient in the room next to me who sounds as if she has dementia or Alz.

Every 5 mins or so her bed alarm goes off.

She had some sort of surgery, ortho since we are in an ortho part of the hospital.

I feel bad for her because it sounds like she doesn’t remember she had surgery.

Feel bad for the nurses too because they doing some fancy footwork trying to handle everyone on top of this patient. (this was written while I was still in the hospital)

I forgot to mention I somehow ended up with MRSA. Definitely not the most opportune time to have had this. So they were constantly changing out bags of antibiotics for treating the MRSA and the normal antibiotics they give for this back surgery.

I came home with more antibiotics too so I think I need to change my last name to Fleishmann’s, you know the active dry yeast packets, lol.

For now… we are both trying to rest as much as possible given both of current states lol.

All of this right here at New Years Eve. Now if we can make it to midnight… which I highly doubt it.

So in the words of ACDC, Have a drink on me!

Dusty “tending” to me (or so he thought)
The drain
Fluid drain in my back
These antibiotics just kept coming
Just a few minutes from me heading into surgery

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