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Originally posted 2020-07-23 08:42:56.


I absolutely refuse to hate someone on their exterior, pigmentation, skin color, etc.

I was not raised to hate someone merely because they are darker than I am because let’s face it..those of you that know me know that Amy can’t tan worth anything and I either go from pale to looking like a lobster.

All jokes aside, I have seen both sides of the argument. I’ve been hated upon because I am white, because I chose to date out of my race and in fact to some I am seen as the traitor.

I am hated more than those they hated in the first place. But I have also seen it come from the other side. I’ve held my head high and remained who I am regardless of the naysayers, haters and whoever else felt their opinion of me mattered.

I respect those for having their own opinions and aren’t swayed but I don’t have to like it. I have children who are beautiful, intelligent and bring their hearts with everything they do. It’s not because they are of mixed race, it is because they are who they are, no more no less.

I won’t label someone racist just because they are a certain color. I know not everyone was taught to believe the same. Don’t hate someone because of something they were taught to believe.

I appreciate the people who have chose to hate me. I still remain respectful to them as a human being but do not have to like them. Just like we all know and some refuse to believe we are not all of the same character.

We are not all choosing to brush someone away based off someone else’s beliefs or actions.

I will not be drawn to a haters level. Just because you think someone is racist doesn’t mean you are right. Just because someone may not date out of their race doesn’t mean they hate that other race, they just have a preference.

By now I should have hated every man that has come my way black, white, Hispanic, etc because of the actions of some. But I cannot blame that on the rest of them. Where is the individual accountability?  Why do you think because one or a few have done you wrong the rest will do the same? I will not leave this earth a hater of man because I would then have to also hate myself. I won’t.

We all have hate in our hearts no matter what you think. It is on you whether you choose to act on it, when you choose to let that hate override your heart as a whole. It is on you that you are choosing to poison your heart and slowly kill it like a toxic venom.

Though I may almost choose to hate a few who have done me wrong throughout my life I will not allow myself to rot, wallow, drink it up with enormous thirst.

We all do things that we say shouldn’t be done to others, some things are a natural instinct but on the other end we condemn others for doing the same while acting as if you’re free of guilt.

I refuse to hate you because the actions of a few.  
I will remain who I am for I was taught not to hate.

– Amy #OnMySoapbox

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