Not by the hair on my Shinny Shin Shin 😉😉

Originally posted 2019-06-17 19:45:39.

I had my dermatologic surgery set for the 25th but they called and it’s been pushed up and on for tomorrow morning (June 18th) first thing!

It’s to remove a cyst in my left leg/shin (yes IN my shin). It’s hard to describe. I am hoping I can get some pictures if the doc allows it. This is outpatient and not under general anesthesia.

I guess this is kind of like those videos you see on Dr. Pimple Poppers youtube channel and the small clips on her Instagram.

Oh and some good news to report. The biopsy done on my right arm came back, NO CANCER!! But he said we still need to watch it. My skin is so easily burned and won’t take too many times getting sunburned to make it go south.

Of course the push for sunscreen was given, lol. But it’s a dermatologist what would you expect 🤣. I’m glad I use some good sunscreen for body and face.

We just have to deal with the shin and the spot on the left side of my face.

So part of it’s good to go!

Wish me luck!! I will update tomorrow!

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