I dropped Chewy off this morning for his ACL surgery.

I have never had someone ask me if they have any problems during surgery did we want them to attempt CPR.

Uhhhh. There are people that say no?

I mean, the money you are spending to get the dog’s leg fixed and then you don’t want to attempt CPR?

I mean, God forbit anything like that happens but yes, by all means, attempt CPR on my Chewy.

I will eat Ramen noodles for the next few weeks if I have to in if that were to occur.

Do you know anyone that had actually said no?

I get it if the dog is really old and it would do more harm than good to attempt it but if you are in there for something like Chewy is then why would you not want them to do it?

Or is it I am just a serious softie when it comes to my dogs?

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