Making some progress

Originally posted 2020-01-27 17:09:32.

It’s now been a couple of weeks since my back surgery. I have definitely made some progress but not as much as I’d like. Sometimes my own pride and determination get in the way and I do too much.

Like today, I was looking for some of my replacement parts for my irobot vacuum and know I had them somewhere. So, I started moving this and that. Putting this here and there. Lo and behold still didn’t find them. I found the other pieces that are for it like the vacuum bags, sweeping brush and filters but not the things I was looking for.

I started really hurting. I mean the things I was moving weren’t more than a pound or two if that. I was just moving things around in 2 of my filing cabinets that I store things in ( I can’t be the only person that has 5 filing cabinets, lol)

I think the problem may have been moving too much in too many directions and too much in general not just the amount of the stuff I was moving. I know I am not supposed to be making twisting movements (per my surgeon via my husband).

I think we can be the cause of our own f’ups sometimes, don’t you? LOL.

But progress is progress. I have 2 more weeks until I can at least drive. I am sure my husband will be glad so he isn’t running all the errands, lol.

I have had to take more of my muscle relaxers lately though. Maybe it is because of them cutting through the muscles again. Who knows. My body seems to do what it wants when it wants.

Oh well…

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