More than a pain in the butt

Originally posted 2017-09-29 18:27:12.

Starting next week I have several months worth of physical therapy for both pelvic floor and my ankle. I had a steroid injection in my ankle just two days ago. Let me tell ya, that hurt! He used numbing medication but it still hurt. I cried all the way home. He had to put it near one of the screws and tendons. The arthritis has gotten really thick in there so he wants me to try some therapy.

Hardware removal has been mentioned but I would prefer not to have to go that route if possible. I mean that hardware has been in my ankle and leg since 1999. But I will say that if that is in my best interest then I will take the doctor’s recommendation but not before getting a 2nd opinion and one will include going back to the surgeon that placed it in there in the first place. He seems to have made a name for himself since then. The doctor I saw recently has heard of him. Good for him. He was a smart one.

I don’t think I have mentioned the pelvic floor issues I have had. I will add that to my next post.

I have never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy. The therapist mentioned it has made gains the past ten years. Funny, I have never heard of it before now and this isn’t the first pelvic issue I have had. There were several things I learned when we were talking. This therapy is something the urogynecologist wants me to do prior to surgery. Yes, I must have an additional surgery… UGHH… I know it is for my own good but I am just getting tired of having them. But if it works, GOOD! He seems to see a challenge to even going in. Keeping my fingers crossed that this helps. Having pelvic organ prolapse has been a challenge when I have other contributing factors like my spinal fusion and what neurological effects it can add to it.

Wish me luck! With one therapy 3 times a week, then adding the therapy for the ankle and our previously scheduled appointments I will definitely be making moves.