If you know…

If you know…. you know.

I haven’t posted my entire life story and probably won’t but for those who see this…

Those who know me personally…

Those who know most of what I’ve been through in my life…

Then you know know why I posted this.

But to say I’ve made it to see the age of 50, a half of a century years old, 5 decades… then you know that is an accomplishment of sorts.

I never thought I’d see 50.

I never thought I’d be married to the same man for 17 years.

Never thought my momma wouldn’t be here to see her granddaughter become a mother.

But I am still thankful to wake up everyday, whether it be rain ot shine.

Thankful to have my health even though it’s not good bur my heart is beating, I’m walking and can still feel the pain.

If you know me know that feeling pain is an upside.

So have a thankful day no matter where you are, what you are doing, and do it with a smile on your face because you are alive.


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