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Originally posted 2019-11-19 19:40:50.

Went to the neurosurgeon yesterday morning. For one the radiology facility didn’t make sure they put all films on the disc, ughh. The PA even said they normally do not have to specify to put all films on a disc but I guess someone decided to do it their own way, who knows. I just have to get the other films on disc and give them to him next appointment.

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Then after looking at the MRI films on the disc and reading the reports of everything done the surgeon still wasn’t 100 percent sure as to the problem.

He said since one of my screws holding my spinal fusion caging together is broken he wondered if it might be what it messing with my nerves. But, he wasn’t sure. This is the reason for other tests being ordered.

My stenosis is varying in the lumbar region (as well as other areas) and may require some surgical intervention but there is more than one issue right now.

He wants to tackle all issues but until he can pinpoint all problems he can’t give me a “yes or no he can help you.”

So, he ordered a myelogram, EMG, and SI joint injection.

My myelogram and EMG is already scheduled as of today. After all 3 things are done I have to see the neurosurgeon again.

I am to continue physical therapy in the meantime.

Have you had a myelogram? Anything you can tell me about your experience? Any suggestions that you have?

I am a little nervous to be honest.

The EMG I have had several times before so I know what to expect and the SI joint injection I assume is just like any other steroid injection. But that is also why the word ass is in assumption lol.

So, this will be fun, lol. I just hope the surgeon can give me hope that there is something that can be done to help. I told him I am honestly afraid of being paralyzed. There is alot of stuff I do that I feel would be hard if I was paralyzed, almost to the point of being unable to do it at all. Then there are some things where my son is concerned I know I wouldn’t be able to do.

I will share my progress as I go. Thanks for being here to listen.

Y’all are kind of like my journal or therapist, lol.

Here is a video of the myelogram I found on spine health’s website

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