Furever they go

Originally posted 2017-10-31 14:37:18.

The 13 yr old dog, Bear, and the 2 yr old cat, Silas have now gone to their forever homes. At least I know Bear is staying with the veteran that we handed them off to. Silas may go to someone else. As long as they aren’t taken to an animal shelter where I am pretty sure Bear won’t last a week before he was put down. She will hopefully update us on how they are doing. She may start a gofundme campaign to get him some much-needed medical care. If so, I will likely post it here in hopes I can get all y’all to share with others to get him medical care. I feel like he has some neurological issues of some kind going on. I just want him to have some happiness in the days, months, years of his life. I am not sure he was truly given the love and care he deserved.





Chewy seemed to want to stick around Silas the last 2 weeks they were here.



He seemed to know that was my husband riding behind us.
I believe he enjoyed having that extra weight being taken off (the matted fur and all that was in it).







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