Houston area Rescue 5-31-19

Originally posted 2019-05-31 15:39:59. View this post on Instagram I need help finding a GOOD home for this girl here. @taco.wench took her in when someone was going to surrender her to a kill shelter in the Houston area. . . Personality traits etc are on pic #3. DM me or @taco.wench if you have any questions or know of someone who might be interested. A post shared by Hellhoundsrescues (@hellhoundsrescues) on May 31, 2019…

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Furever they go

Originally posted 2017-10-31 14:37:18. The 13 yr old dog, Bear, and the 2 yr old cat, Silas have now gone to their forever homes. At least I know Bear is staying with the veteran that we handed them off to. Silas may go to someone else. As long as they aren’t taken to an animal shelter where I am pretty sure Bear won’t last a week before he was put down. She will hopefully update…

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