Early Morning Emergency

Originally posted 2021-08-06 15:28:02.

Early yesterday morning I woke to my husband wailing in pain.

He said it hurt in his upper abdomen.

Every few minutes the sounds of gagging almost throwing up became constant.

My husband isn’t the “I’m in pain” type. He is normally the “I’m good” type.

He asked me if we had any pepto-bismol, which we did. We got it out got a spoon and he took some.

We waited. He was still hurting.

The pain would increasingly come and go, worsening each time.

He was clammy, clothes soaked with sweat.

I got him some ginger ale hoping once the pepto kicked in this would help ease his stomach.

Nope, none of this helped. The pain and the nausea slowly worsened.

It was just about 6 in the morning when I asked him did he feel like he needed to go the emergency room.

Surprisingly he said yes.

At this point I had to get Dusty up and out of the bed so I could send him to my bff’s house as I didn’t want him anywhere near the emergency room unless it would an absolute emergency where he needed to go.

I let the dogs out so they could use the bathroom.

Dusty is getting up but not understanding the urgency. I had to tell him he needed to hurry up because I needed to take dad to the hospital.

On one end I needed him to understand he needed to hurry. On the other I didn’t because he would become anxious while we were gone and that would make him more susceptible to having an increase in seizures.

Fast forward and we are on the way to the hospital.

I am driving in the morning everybody has to get to work on time traffic.

Seems like we hit every light on the way.

We finally arrive and I get him checked in the emergency room reception.

We waited what seemed like forever. My husband had been triaged and they told us to have a seat in the waiting area.

He kept telling me it hurts, over and over. He started crying.

The lady told me he would be called next. In the meantime my husband tells me it hurt too bad sitting in the chairs that he needed to lay down.

He then tells me he’s going to lay in the floor 😳 – ughh nope hun, ain’t happening.

He said he was going to go lay down in the car then. I tell the lady at the desk the situation. She made sure she had my phone number so they could call me.

He laid in the back of the car using a cooler bag as a pillow.

About 10 minutes goes by and I had to run into the emergency room and inform them that he passed out in the car.

He had just been yelling and crying that it hurt, then he got quiet.

They had to get a big security guard to help get him out of the car because I sure as hell couldn’t.

They get him in a wheelchair,roll him into a room and started running IV’s on him and giving him medicine and fluids.

The nurse noticed how clammy he was and how soaked his clothes were.

They did a CT scan, EKG as well as the normal lab work.

They gave him some morphine but that didn’t touch the pain at all.

They gave him something stronger which thankfully helped.

CT showed nothing so they ordered an ultrasound. Still nothing.

He hasn’t eaten since Wednesday afternoon.

I have him home now but no definitive answers to his pain and nausea.

They sent him home with several medications and a referral to a gastro doctor.

One thing that has stuck in my head this whole time was something he said.

He said, “Am I dying?” – I told him “No honey you aren’t because you can’t die on me today”

I know there are things far beyond our control but yesterday wasn’t it.

We’ve had our ups and downs but watching him hurt like that and hearing him say that hit different.

I am now trying to push fluids and at this point a couple spoonfuls of chicken broth.

Fingers crossed he gets some relief soon.

You know you’re in a hospital by the sleeve on the coffee cup

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