Dreary Day

It would happen to rain three straight days.

I went to both my pre-op appointments on Friday and found out that someone mistakenly told me I could continue to take the naproxen and aspirin.

I smell like eucalyptus lol. I have used my cbd muscle rub alot more today.

I knew something didn’t seem right about that.

I have never had anyone tell me that I could take them prior to surgery.

My surgeon is the one who told me to stop taking it as of Friday.

It’s not the amount of time he wanted me to stop taking it but at least he knows.

He will be doing four things.

He told me he would be doing all of them vaginally.

Knowing he has to mess with my bladder I asked him how he was going to do that vaginally.

He said “He got skills” LOL.

Funny doc… funny.

But I guess that’s a good thing because he won’t have to cut through any abdominal muscles.

Sucks because I can’t wear any type of pants or shorts that buttons or zips. It presses on my stomach and I end up feeling it against my spine. I think it is a bunch of scar tissue in there from all the surgeries and it’s just a hard mass of scar tissue.

I buy the Duluth Trading company shorts that have a drawstring that fit comfortably.

I would recommend these shorts to anyone especially if you have had any abdominal or spinal surgeries.

My prep for this surgery is kind of like a colonoscopy

I can eat a light lunch the morning before (up until 8am) and then liquids the rest of the day.

The doc recommended Premier Protein Clear drinks but I couldn’t get my hands on some quick enough.

So I just got gatorade.

I have to mix a bottle of MiraLAX with the 64 ounces of Gatorade. Which I got a watermelon flavored one.

I have to take three, yes 3 showers prior to surgery. Two the day before and one the day of surgery.

I have to use Hibiclens every shower. Which I thankfully already had because I use it every shower anyway.

Then… per the instructions, I needed to purchase a hair dryer. No I don’t have a hair dryer lol.

I threw it away several years ago because the material on the handle part was extremely sticky.

So I asked my bff if this one was good since I needed one with multiple temperature settings.

I have to use it after I urinate and after taking a shower. I will have external stitches and need to dry them with the hair dryer.

I definitely didn’t want one with the straight hot air lol. I’m pretty sure that would not feel good at all.

What is going to suck is my sciatica after surgery. I won’t be able to stretch at all.

No straddling stretch either.

Ughhhh. hopefully recovery won’t be that bad.

We were taking bets whether this will be my only surgery for the year 2023.

I know Dusty will have to have a surgery to change the battery in his VNS device this year.

As soon as I am recovered and cleared from the surgeon from this one I have to notify my back surgeon because they want me to start physical therapy again.

I still have to finish getting my tattoo removed. I think I may have like 2 or 3 more sessions and it should be gone.

So…. Let the next one begin lol.

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