Dreams so Real

Originally posted 2018-07-19 22:07:31.

Boy, my daughter and I both had some whoppers on the same night.

Mine – I dreamt my house was on fire. This is what I remember. I awoke (in dream) to noise outside. Except it was daytime. I look out our sliding glass door to traffic backed up the street leading out of the neighborhood. So I then go out my front door. There is a tree in my front yard but in my dream the tree is directly in front of the house. One of the branches is slightly above the front part of the house overtop our livingroom. This branch is on fire. What started it, I don’t know. But there were firefighters already here. I said something and they said something. Then I replied, “just put it out.” They then said. “That’ll be $4.00.” 🤨

I have to admit. The $4 is kind of funny. But I woke up out of the dream crying. Then had to go outside and check the house. Freaked me out. Of course at that point I wasn’t going back to sleep. There I was wide awake in the middle of the night. To the catnapper recliner I went.

Now, my daughter’s was a bit different. She called me in the morning and had been crying. She said “grams” had come to her in her dream fussing at her. She said she was fussing at her telling her to get her shit together. Basically finish what she set out to do when she joined the National Guard and became a combat medic.

Now – I can’t really see my mom fussing at her especially now but who knows. But my mom wanted her to finish school and find that passion for a fulfilling career, one that challenged her and she loved it.

My daughter leaves the first week of August for training. They will be gone the entire month of August. Which is good. She loved AIT – the physical part of it. She excels when challenged even if she doesn’t succeed at the challenge she just loves the challenge in getting there.

She’s the type that has always enjoyed a challenge. Not in every aspect in life but where this is concerned she did.

I am praying she does well and remains focused on the overall goal. My mom knew she seemed to lose some of that “glow” she always had where this was concerned.

I have a text from my mom that says, “Someone needs to be a doctor.” – she was talking about my daughter of course. – ❤

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