60 signs

Originally posted 2017-11-20 11:58:49.

Oh forgot to say this the other day, this is what happened after we got home. Don’t know if I told my aunt or not but first 2 nights after my dad passed away our tv’s turned the channel by themselves. We have a dvr but nothing was scheduled to record. Woke up with them on cbs news. The 3rd night after we got home I sat down on the air mattress in our bedroom (we are trying to finish installing flooring before my surgery but…. ) anyway… I had tv on. All of a sudden just our master bedroom tv turned the channel, by itself. Cbs again. As soon as it turned 60 minutes comes across the screen.

Been waiting for him to come to me in dream or something.

By the way, his favorite show was 60 minutes. He was on an episode about young entrepreneurs back in the 1980’s I just haven’t been able to find an archived video of it. Hopefully I can find it somehow. I distinctly remember him wearing a yellow sweater.


I am sitting here at the hospital hungry, sleepy and just ready to eat collard greens, cornbread and take a long nap.

But that won’t happen right now. Then Dusty is over hear showing me food in magazines asking me if it looks good… you aren’t helping kid…

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