DCR Scheduled

Originally posted 2021-10-16 07:53:04.


It’s scheduled.

I finally found an oculoplastic surgeon.

His practice is about an hour away, so not that bad of a drive at all.

He needed to test and see if my tear duct was blocked and if so, how bad.

He did attempt to flush (or try to) my tear duct to see how bad it was blocked.

He pushed the fluid filled syringe through my tear duct while he instructed me to tell him when I could taste/feel the fluid in the back of my throat.

My tear duct ended up being 90% blocked.

What’s a DCR you asked?

It’s a tear duct bypass.

It’s called a dacryocystorhinostomy?

“A dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is a surgery that creates a new path for tears to drain between your eyes and your nose. You may need this surgery if your tear duct has become blocked. The procedure can be performed externally through an incision in the skin, or endoscopically through the nose without leaving a skin incision. Both methods are equally successful.”

Mine will be going under the nose bone performed under general anesthesia.

“During an external DCR, your oculoplastic surgeon creates an opening from the lacrimal sac to your nasal cavity. The surgeon makes a small incision in the skin, in the area under your eye and next to your nose. Through this incision, your surgeon creates a small opening in the bone beneath. This opening then connects your lacrimal sac and your nasal cavity. The surgeon leaves a small tube there to help keep the new tear duct open.” (The tube will remain in place for 3 months)

So… our November calendar is stacking up already with procedures and application.

My husband’s endoscopy, my DCR, and my 3rd attempt at lumbar injections where they are trying to get around bonegraft.

Fun times 🤣

Did I mention I somehow injured my right trapezius (trap) muscles? It’s a pain in my traps 😉.

My scribble marks are where I injured it. Still don’t know how I did it, while sleeping.

Have a good one!

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