How long was he in there?

Originally posted 2017-07-31 19:01:16.

This is our “week”.

Dusty is with my parents and well…it is suppose to be relaxing. The start is anything but…

Yesterday my husband and I were doing yard work. He started fixing the gate to our fence. One of the posts had split and he needed to put up a new one. Well, we’ve had the normal summertime flying insects. You know bees, wasps, the occasional

“What the hell is that?”

After we were finished for the day we came inside. After 20 to 30 minutes I start trying to get ready to take a shower and wash off the days activities. Went to reach to the back of my head where my ponytail is hanging out of my hat. When I felt this poke and burning sting on my hand/middle of fingers.

My husband was on the attic stairs and I kind of screamed his name and told him something just got me. He asked me was I sure, I replied YES, duh lol. He gets down off the stairs and headed towards me. Then he says,

“Don’t move!”

All I could think was “Great, what the hell?! Something’s going to attack me. He grabs something to get whatever it was in my hair out. It was in the ponytail part of my hair. He reaches over and seems to grab it and at least 100 strands of hair at the same time.

There was a wasp, bee, whatever it was it was just chillin in my hair! We both were like how the hell did that happen? Didn’t here any bzzz or anything like it that would have forewarned me. Geez I know I have some long hair but this was borderline “I need to chop it all off”

Thankfully the sting wasn’t too bad and no reactions to it. Now I’ll always wonder if there is anything in my hair when I go try to take hair down. Still contemplating getting it chopped lol. Even though my husband was like,

“But I love your long hair “

Then as I end up with a bright red neck. Gotta love that Irish lineage. 😳

Anything like it ever happened to you?

Now let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

Hope the start of your week has begun on the positive side.


– Amy

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