Autism, ADHD – have you heard?

Now first off let me say this, I am not for or against this lawsuit or any for that matter.

I saw a partial commercial on tv while watching the witness statements in the Darrell Brooks sentencing. If you haven’t heard of this then that is for an entirely different post.

Now, to the point of my post. On a commercial break I was only able to see a portion of the commercial about it. I wasn’t able to see the main portion of the commercial. It stopped right after it said “to families of autism / adhd” part.

So naturally I went to Google to see if I could find out what the commercial was about.

First thing I got to that wasn’t a sponsored/paid for ad was this.

It asks if Tylenol was taken during pregnancy as they claim evidence says the medication could have caused birth defects.

I hadn’t heard anything about this but I do know Tylenol was always the safest option.

I did in fact take Tylenol while I was pregnant, multiple times as I needed to help with pain from the abuse.

Now I could never say one way or another that a medication was the reason why my son came out the way he did. I say this because of the domestic violence I suffered while pregnant when my son. Nor do I know if this medication or any other had any negative effects on my pregnancy.

I am curious what, if any, issues any of you (or anyone you know of) had any issues with this medication while they were pregnant.

I would like to see if others truly had issues that could have resulted in birth defects like autism and/or adhd.

If you know someone with a family member who has any of the birth defects and Tylenol or any medication was taken during pregnancy, please leave me a comment.

I’m honestly curious since there are so many of us that have children with autism and/or adhd.

What do you think about the lawsuit? I agree that alot of lawsuits are just for money and not necessarily for good reason but … this one I’m curious about their evidence.

I have not been contacted nor have I contacted any lawfirms regarding Tylenol and it being somehow connected to birth defects.

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