I try…

Originally posted 2019-10-29 13:00:00.

This is where I spend part of my days…

I try to keep up with posts on my blog but honestly it’s hard. From dealing with my own issues with chronic pain, grieving my momma’s passing, and the dogs. Then on to my husband’s stuff, and let’s not forget Dusty.

I feel emotionally drained.

At least that’s what I think it would be called.

I know I am not getting enough sleep and the sleep I do get I don’t feel is restorative or ”good sleep”.

My husband is constantly telling me I don’t get enough sleep. I toss and turn or wake up repeatedly. It is either something waking me up that I am unaware of or it is my leg/nerve pain just not allowing me to stay asleep.

I refuse to take sleeping pills. That is a no go for me. Just like going back on one pain medication I was on when my brother passed away. I will never, I repeat never go back on that medicine.

I try to start a blog post and then end up getting stuck. It’s not like it is some sort of ”writer’s block”. I just don’t know what it is.

Since momma passed things have changed. I stopped gardening like I used to. I do have a few of my plants, especially my calla lilies and my peace lily. My rose bush seemed to have just died since hurricane florence. I have tried to get that thing to come back to life but it hasn’t.

I know I probably am suffering from depression since momma’s been gone. My doc put me on an anti-depressant to help. I really don’t feel any different though. I am not sure what my problem is.

I just can’t seem to stay focused. So, that is the reason why you see me posting more memes on here.

I hope you understand, thanks.

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