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Originally posted 2018-01-26 21:09:21.

Healing Household 6 (facebook post)

This is one of our Caregivers and the story of what happened to her ex-husband today.

NO ONE is faulting the officer who used force in this manner. It’s likely Matthew was a bit hostile. HOWEVER, this is a man that has repeatedly asked for help. He has lost his wife and children due to safety issues, and has pleaded for someone to listen to him.

This should not have reached this point. If a veteran begs for help, give it. Save a family. Save a marriage. Save a life.

Alyss Maio (facebook post)

Well, it’s out now, public knowledge and it’s spreading like wildfire. I tried to keep this quiet most of the day but as it travels and the news blares it everywhere, I will come out publicly since our daughter is now aware of the situation. I might as well also use this as a platform to get some attention to this issue that deeply affects our nation.

My phone has not stopped ringing or popping off with messages so I will answer the questions here in one general post. I do appreciate all the support and prayers our family has received today and please know every one is received and acknowledged. Your continued prayers are all we can ask for.

Matthew, my ex-husband and father of my children, was shot this morning at the VA facility in White City, OR by their police while attempting to be admitted to the inpatient rehab facility for substance abuse and mental healthcare. I was NOT there so all answers I have are by second hand account and a lot is still being pieced together. The circumstances surrounding the incident are sensitive and I do not wish to comment on it past what I’ve stated already. Here’s what IS known:

He was shot in the chest, non-lethal wounds that did not require surgery. He is in stable condition in the ICU. He is under arrest, for what charges atm I am unsure, and therefore inaccessible to all of us, including medical information. All is being withheld and it is difficult for status updates past “Stable.” I have rec’d an update via his pestering GF who managed to do a great job and annoy the officers enough to get in to see him, so thankfully she could give me that much.

As for what caused the shooting, it is still under investigation and until I have a complete report I do not wish to comment on it. I will say this, it is NOT the officers fault or responsibility. He is a large man who was very combative and is extremely strong, especially in rage, I can attest to my own experiences with such as most of you are aware. If other means of subduing him did not work, I do not fault them for using force.

Who I CAN fault, are every single nurse, doctor or otherwise employee who came in contact with me, my ex-husband and our family in that facility in regards to this manner and continued neglect of his issues. He was in there on Tuesday asking for help AGAIN while deep in psychosis and possible drug withdrawal and was given a new Zoloft prescription and told to come back. It was very clear to any person who would have talked to him, myself included via telephone 3000 miles away, he needed more than this. THIS IS WHAT IM ANGRY ABOUT. He was ignored, AGAIN.

Our younger two children are unaware and will remain so, but Aubree does know and is holding up ok. She spoke with his GF who assured her she’d seen and talked to him which eased her upset. I ask most of you who are not family to please not approach the subject with her without my consent. I made her aware simply because she is old enough to see news as are her friends she’s still in contact with in Oregon. I have taken off work for the night to stay with her as well. I am still somewhat in shock but more angry and also grateful he is finally in a medical facility where he can be properly evaluated and hopefully treated. There’s a long road ahead for him but hopefully he will have a better chance at treatment now. Silver linings.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs you have gravely failed this veteran and our family. It is incidents like this that have made veterans such as myself and my comrades reading this, place little to no trust and have no faith in you. When will enough be enough? When will your system stop failing us? I will write and write and write, I will share and share and share until this is viral. I will tell every news outlet that will listen, I will continue to repeat my story until it is heard. This is NOT a new issue and the #22 a day will never end until you fix these flaws. I suspect he may have even wanted this to end differently, is that serious enough for you Veterans Health Administration (VHA) – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ? I will not publicly blur or dance around the topic for tact or social grace, he has severe mental illness and could’ve joined today’s #22 easily.

If you’ve read this far and are angered at VA’s negligence also, please share this. Please make this post viral. I have a huge network and I know those who love our family can help bring this awareness. Our veterans NEED to quit being ignored!

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