Shaken not Stirred

Originally posted 2022-05-18 09:10:00.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing two Ice Shaker cups

One is an insulated shaker cup and the other is an insulated tumbler.

The company appeared on the show Shark Tank back in 2017.

Now we never saw the episode they were on so I couldn’t tell you anything about it.

We were happy for the opportunity to try out some new cups.

My tumbler looks like your normal tumbler as far as size.

The lid is kinda cool looking because it has what kind of looks like a bracelet around it.

I assume it was more for grip than for looks.

It does help when you are trying to open the cup.

Since I had the muscle spasm issues last year and the nerve issues in my neck I have decreased strength in my right hand/arm. So, I have issues sometimes with opening things.

This cup helps me where this is concerned.

We looked through the reviews on their website as we were just curious what other have said in their reviews.

We saw someone state that the shaker cup, when shaking, leaked.

We tested it and found that it did in fact not leak when shaken.

My husband now has a shaker cup he can put his creatine powder in and keep it in the same cup and it stays COLD!

He would normally have to pour it out of the shaker cup and into another cup. Not now!

So now those other shaker cups are in my bucket being used to scoop dirt into my raised gardens.

We love these cups!

Oh and my husband wanted to add that the fact the shaker cup has a handle is AWESOME!

Shaker Cup
My tumbler ice test
9:13 pm almost 12 hrs later

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