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The upside of pain

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I know you’re like “there’s an upside to pain?” My theory is that means things aren’t completely dead in there.
I might feel pain but once I don’t that could lead to nothing, paralysis, no walking, no feeling the touch upon my skin.
That my friends is why I said the upside of pain.
Ok, so as […]

I am still walking, breathing, talking, and I’m ok with that.

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Ok, from the first time I got sick, to the first surgery to the last. They all were needed for something. After 19 surgeries…let’s see.
One of the bigger ones was the spinal fusion. November 2004. Went to the doctor for a CT/MRI follow-up. He tells me…you broke your spine. I literally thought he was […]

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From then to now

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My life has been moving so slow it seemed the past week or so. Yet no time for things that needed that extra attention. My husband had slowed to an almost halt and trying to motivate him is beyond frustrating. He has no idea some of the things I say or do are to […]

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L4-L5 of your spine

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