Spine-less Possibilities

Originally posted 2019-10-14 17:00:03.

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Last week, my primary doctor put in a referral to see a new spine/neurosurgeon.

That appointment was this morning about an hour and a half away.

I think I had mentioned in a post after the last injection in my spine that I started to feel more pain. I thought that the spinal injection reduced the inflammation and that would explain the increase in nerve pain.

Well, the doctor seems to think the nerve pain I have had an increase in originates from the lumbar region of my spine and more specifically where my spine has already been fused. What this means we have no idea.

She did say it could just have been coincidental that it happened around the time of the spinal injection. It could be that something shifted.

So, at this point we do not know if my fusion hardware has had something happen to it or if my nerves in that region are compressed somehow… I mean right now we just do not know.

With that being said she ordered new images from all possible angles. X-rays and new MRI and then CT scans are all on the table. Along with a new EMG (nerve conduction study).

If I have to have my fusion repaired or any additional fusion then the insurance will not approve any of it without some physical therapy done within a 6 month time frame. So, I went ahead and got that scheduled too.

I am glad I like to keep old records because they need the records/operative notes from my lumbar fusion in 2004 while I was in Las Vegas.

I am not looking forward to possibly having another spinal fusion but the possibility was explained a long time ago. Last time I had one my mom was there with me and well…now that she isn’t here.

It will be alot different not having her here this time around.

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