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Spine-less Possibilities

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Last week, my primary doctor put in a referral to see a new spine/neurosurgeon.

That appointment was this morning about an hour and a half away.

I think I had mentioned in a post after the last injection in my spine that I started to feel more pain. I thought that the spinal injection reduced […]

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It’s summer time, I have a small garden with many potted container plants and they need tending to on a daily basis. So, along with that comes your body sometimes not wanting to roll out of bed. We are thinking of getting some sort of backyard pool to help me with physical fitness/exercise¬†to put […]

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Do shoe insoles help the lower back?

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Lower Back Pain? Doctor?

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Damn shame

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It is a damn shame, the amount of money we spent on two Catnapper (brand) supposed to be leather electric recliners.

We needed something to ease the pressure on my spine so a recliner was the thing. The price wasn’t that much more for the electric ones so we got them.

We have had these chairs […]

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