Boot Feet Suck

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Ever since my husband’s active duty days in the Marine Corps he has had what we like to call as “boot feet”.  – Docs ( or medics ) repeatedly tell them to change their socks. That is why alot of times one of the most requested items in care packages would be socks. 

My husband […]

Watch “My Autism – by George” on YouTube

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I thought I’d share this with those who may be unaware of what it may feel like to contemplate suicide. You may never know the full extent of someone’s feelings.

What It’s Like To Be Suicidal (For People Who’ve Never Felt Like This)


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Mother nature got flipped turned upside down …

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Please, if you are about to be affected by this winter storm don’t use a generator inside a home.

It’s not worth it. If you’ve read most of my posts you will understand what I am referring to. Stay warm!

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It’s summer time, I have a small garden with many potted container plants and they need tending to on a daily basis. So, along with that comes your body sometimes not wanting to roll out of bed. We are thinking of getting some sort of backyard pool to help me with physical fitness/exercise to put […]

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Man’s heartbreaking Facebook post about daughter’s heroin overdose death goes viral |

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Seized – inside the mystery of epilepsy

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My pawfect doggos

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A box arrived on my porch today unexpected. I hadn’t ordered anything that hadn’t already been delivered for the month. My regular items that I have set up on Amazon’s Subscribe and Save have all been delivered.
So I had Dusty bring me the box. It was from Amazon. Open it and what do I […]

Cole Hamels donation Camp Barnabas

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New Method Early Cancer Detection

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I will be glad when they can detect things early enough to have enough time to fight it.

Cancer sucks, always has and always will.


Promising New Method for Early Cancer Detection

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