Special Cutie

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As you know we are dog lovers.

I have always loved dogs. I’ve said if we won the lottery we’d buy some land and rescue dogs that needed to be rescued. No matter what – near or far…

Strolling through my Facebook timeline yesterday I ran across this cutie.

She reminds me of Chewy, not in looks, […]

Say what?!

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Would you believe I just got this bill out of no where?
This stems from my son’s oral maxillofacial surgery in 2013.
All costs were supposed to be covered by insurance and grants from the state.
First and last time I received anything regarding a bill was a year after the surgery. Then, today.
I am not really […]

Lower Back Pain? Doctor?

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You ask a child on the autism spectrum to…

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When You Ask a Child on the Autism Spectrum to Stop What He or She Is Doing







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If you need water

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If you need water

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Hurricane Harvey ~ Here are some ways to help

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Historic flooding and overwhelming devastation in Texas has given birth to the side of us that looks beyond all the drama and division. Bringing Americans from all walks of life together to help our fellow Americans in their time of need. From water rescues to a shoulder to cry on they have been there to […]

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Medical history short stories

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Don’t you hate it when you get your average medical history form and you’re instructed to list your surgeries and hospitalizations and you don’t have enough room to list the things up until your 20’s…mind you you are currently 44 years old. My husband just says to write small, lol. I’ve had around […]

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Conversations Part 1

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This was a “conversation” between my son and I this morning.
This is just one example of how autism is in our home.
Dusty – “It’s almost the 15th.”
Me – “What’s the 15th?”
Dusty – “therapy appointment at 11:30”
Me – “oh”
Dusty – “if I go to bed early and eat burritos for dinner…”
Me – “Dusty go eat […]

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Today marks my first birthday without my momma. This was hard to do.

I didn’t really want to celebrate it. My daughter said to me “you know she would want me to celebrate it” So I did with some wine.

James was going to get me collard greens and fried flounder but the restaurant was closed […]

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