Drug Resistant Epilepsy

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Veteran Unemployment, It’s not just applications and interviews

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Veteran Unemployment, It’s not just applications and interviews
Don’t get me wrong, being unemployed sucks no matter if you are a veteran or not but veterans being unemployed comes with a different set of playing cards. They possess a different set of skills that aren’t understood by those in the private sector unless they’ve been […]

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Here’s Johnny I’M BACK!

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The fight against a virus

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As we all have seen in the news the zika virus has spread across many states in the US. To my knowledge there has only been a few confirmed positive with the virus. Since the virus itself has varying symptoms and affects on each individual I needed to find a way to try and […]

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The fine line between autism and honesty

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A huge broad term with a lot of variations.

I have always wondered if it was just Dusty or do others have the same issues with their autistic child?

Dusty has gotten to the point where he will lie about the simplest of things.  It is odd when you have someone who has the cognitive and […]

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How do you preserve something that isn’t there?

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Over the last 10 plus years or so I have been taking pictures in fear I won’t be able to remember things, even the most miniscule of memories. Unfortunately with a multitude of pictures comes the need for the storage. Luckily as technology has advanced we have gotten better storage capabilities for our quality […]

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Do you remember when you were growing up, going to school, playing with your neighborhood friends? Do you remember that kid that no one liked to be seen talking to? The kid that the seemingly more popular kids picked on? The kid that always seemed to be casted out of everything or everybody in […]

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Alive and well…

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It is a blessing that I have been able to live upon this earth for 45 years. Though there were a lot of ups and downs, trial, tribulations, lessons, and pain – I have lived to see another year go by.

I went to the memorial grounds where my grandparents and my father are buried. […]

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TBI Warrior Foundation

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Out of curiosity

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Do you ever see the same number sequences, over and over? I’ve been seeing several different sets of number sequences for a while now and curiosity has got the best of me as to the reason. Maybe it is nothing more than coincidence but what if it has a much higher purpose? In the […]

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