Born This Way: Moving Forward

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Check out A & E’s Episode One of the new digital series Born This Way: Moving Forward –> Building The Megpire

To say or not to say…

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In this day and age you are judged instantly online the moment you have a brain and speak. You know you have to think before you speak even more than just in front of someone. The lasting effect of it can have a much more adverse effect than one would think. I met a […]

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My Stolen Things

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Pillar Support

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Pillar’s MissionTo provide supports to people with disabilities by promoting opportunity, choice, and connection to the community.

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One of his biggest fans

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He was born August of 93 and she was born November 95 so a little over 2 years apart. All their lives I have been asked, Are they twins? No. Of course not. But their bond is one that I can’t explain. They have been together in even the most traumatic event like the […]

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Not just biased….

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I realize I am a mother and the parent tends to be somewhat biased when it comes to certain things. Today isn’t one of those days. My beautiful, intelligent,  compassionate daughter….. all she wants to do is care for people.
Yes she can be a bitch.  But come on what female […]

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Meet Joy

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“My dad passed away and before he passed he picked up an art brush and he painted. He has painted some amazing pieces. So when he passed I drew a humming bird then I was looking at the humming bird and another memory came to me and another one. So I started my first […]

Paper Thin Promise, domestic violence domestic order

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Paper Thin Promise, domestic violence domestic order

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The Traitor?

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The traitor. That’s the label set upon me because I chose to date out of my race. In the eyes of those that oppose of my relationships I am worse than those who I choose to date. Didn’t deserve the breath God gave me. I am ok with that. I realize I can’t please everyone […]

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Suprised blessings

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As you know Chewy had to have surgery and I started the GoFundMe for the surgery.

Well let me tell you what happened.

We go the day of surgery and get ready to pay at least $1200, I hand the lady my card and then she gives it back to me. She informed James and I […]

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