Inoperable mass

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As we were headed back to the NC State Veterinary School to pick up Charlie we get a phone call.

“Inoperable mass on her brain stem”

She is staying there tonight as she was still recovering from the anesthesia.

After my medical procedure, Dusty’s psychiatrist appointment and Chewy’s follow-up appointment tomorrow we will head […]

6th annual #BuddyWalk 1st #BuddyRun

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Can someone explain to me why this hurts so freaking much?!

I watched the man who I share his DNA, who may not have been a father but he was my father.

Then 7 months or so later have to watch my mother, the woman who brought me into this world, carried my through this world […]

Have you ever?

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So, I somehow screw up my days.

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist for my diabetes. I thought it was this morning. It normally takes my about an hour and 15 or so minutes to get there.

Well this morning my appointment was at 8:30am. I had to give myself extra time to get […]

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Epilepsy + Seizures = 

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A friend’s 17 yr old special need child wandered off last night as the family was sleeping.

A friend’s 17 yr old special need child wandered off last night as the family was sleeping. from Autism_Awareness

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To my momma

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Our princess Charlie. She will be missed enormously. We would rather her just pass away in her sleep rather than having to make that decision to put her to sleep.

We are not sure if she will make it or not until her appointment next week.

She is barely drinking enough water. She loved the Bojangles […]

Holding on

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I know we are gonna lose her. She is going down way too quick. Her appointment is Monday with the specialist.

Loosing my bio father then my mom and now Charlie isn’t sitting well right now. I am shaking just typing this.

She only ate a little and I had to give it to her on […]

Daughter of murder victim needs your help

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Look at this lil thing. His grandma would have just eaten him up.
She would have loved being a grandmother. 
This is the fundraiser I started to help the daughter of my friend, Keisha, who along with 2 others were murdered back in 2016.  This is to help her obtain a lawyer to fight for […]

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