Keep it uniquely YOU!

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A Marine Corps veteran’s wife has some unique items. Customize your bracelet, necklace,  heck even your cat or dog’s collar. You have so many different items to choose from. Medical, 🐕,🐈, horses, soccer, football, states, flag, colors, 🕆, 💎, ♪♪, ❤, 📷, 🏊, 🏋, ABC’s 123’s, I mean possibilities are endless! Imagine having a […]

Friend, Veteran, and Survivor

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What not to say to a Veteran who is experiencing abuse.

What Not to Say to a Veteran who is Experiencing Abuse


Fine Art America- Regina Vasquez

Flawless Imperfections

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Turned a page in this  never-ending book of life for us. Whether we are in a better position or not remains to be seen. James had been working in a temporary position at the post office. He’d also been steadily submitting applications for whatever position he thought he may have been qualified for.  Several months ago he […]

Healing Household 6

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HH6 Caregiver Library

In honor of my brother Chris

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His birthday was August 8. When I saw this picture it felt so real because…well he’s no longer here.

I feel like he has been watching over us. Lord do we miss him.

August 8, 1969 – January 17, 2007


#GetEvan2Ellen Down Syndrome *5th Annual Buddy Walk*

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Onslow and surrounding counties are big supporters of our special needs communities here in NC, despite what you hear.

There are a lot of events scheduled throughout the year for various causes and this is one of them. We’ve participated in the past and enjoy the diverse community we have here, the many ways they give back […]

Title? Think I forgot it too…

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Through my years I have gone through things, done things, put myself in situations I shouldn’t have, gone places I shouldn’t have, yet some things I wish I could speak on. There are some things I honestly want to talk about but I can’t. I am pretty sure there are some of you reading […]

Veteran Unemployment, It’s not just applications and interviews

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Veteran Unemployment, It’s not just applications and interviews
Don’t get me wrong, being unemployed sucks no matter if you are a veteran or not but veterans being unemployed comes with a different set of playing cards. They possess a different set of skills that aren’t understood by those in the private sector unless they’ve been […]

Here’s Johnny I’M BACK!

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The fight against a virus

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As we all have seen in the news the zika virus has spread across many states in the US. To my knowledge there has only been a few confirmed positive with the virus. Since the virus itself has varying symptoms and affects on each individual I needed to find a way to try and […]

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