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In honor of my brother Chris

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His birthday was August 8. When I saw this picture it felt so real because…well he’s no longer here.

I feel like he has been watching over us. Lord do we miss him.

August 8, 1969 – January 17, 2007


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Morning Motivation

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Not so easily triggered

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You know I feel for folks who have gone through trauma but I am not the one that is so easily triggered by things.

I don’t know if I have just become so numb to things and that’s why I don’t get ”triggered” by things or not.

I can watch things on tv and some things […]

Drug Resistant Epilepsy

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I am speaking to parents of special needs children/adults.

To the parents who are with their kids and pretty much your life revolves around their care.

To the parents who often wonder what will happen when the day comes and you pass on.

Since my momma’s passing, my bio father’s passing and well my brother too […]

#GetEvan2Ellen Down Syndrome *5th Annual Buddy Walk*

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Onslow and surrounding counties are big supporters of our special needs communities here in NC, despite what you hear.

There are a lot of events scheduled throughout the year forĀ various causesĀ and this is one of them. We’ve participated in the past and enjoy the diverse community we have here, the many ways they give back […]

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2018 Financial Education Webinar Series ( Co-presented by NCADV )

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I wish I would have had something like this years ago. So I hope someone will find this and are able to use any of the information.
Co-presented by NCADV and the National Endowment for […]

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Spine-less Possibilities

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Last week, my primary doctor put in a referral to see a new spine/neurosurgeon.

That appointment was this morning about an hour and a half away.

I think I had mentioned in a post after the last injection in my spine that I started to feel more pain. I thought that the spinal injection reduced […]

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