Snail’s pace

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Grieving while being the mother and caregiver to someone with autism is hard as hell. Dusty watches me 24/7.

He sees me crying, mad, frustrated, etc I can’t escape. All the while trying to repair hurricane florence damage.

I have been going to my local massage envy every few weeks for a deep tissue […]

Dementia ~ The heartless bitch

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Dementia is a heartless bitch… My biological father is being transferred to hospice. Stopped eating days ago. His decline has been rapid. I can’t express how painful this is to watch.

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Is it for you?

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Is this how it is for you? Autism can be like a box of crayons, each one varying so differently but they have similarities. But isn’t that one beautiful box of crayons? Each one having it’s own characteristics. Each one shining in it’s own way in many different angles. But this is just the […]

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Do you agree?

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Military Wife Helps Strengthen Family Foundation for Veteran Community After Husband’s Traumatic Brain Injury | Points of Light

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When you keep forgetting

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I feel like this post should have Michael McDonald’s song I Keep Forgetting as my theme song.

My husband kept bugging me about forgetting my meds. So… time to get serious.

On a side note my A1C, from 5.5 to 6.1 – and the scale accompanied by 4. My diabetes doc still considers me as a […]

Snagged it!

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My 1st mammogram

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Having my first mammogram tomorrow. Is this what I have to look forward to? 🤣🤣

Any advice? Suggestions?

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Canine CPR

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