We have been trying to find the right hand soap for our son for the longest now.

We have tried the Dial pump hand soap, which he used extremely fast.

Then we tried some of the other of brand ones which he just didn’t get his hands clean.

One we tried from Sam’s Club was the Safeguard pump hand soap. It wasn’t bad it just seems to get used up quicker.

So we are trying to find a way to limit the amount he gets while still providing a good clean.

We buy the Bath and Body Works hand soap, normally the foaming ones.

We used the buy the deep cleansing hand soaps they had but I can only find a few scents like this one that is limited.

For now we have just been using their foaming hand soaps since they have more available scents.

A week or so ago I found an automatic hand pump you can just refill as well as adjust the amount that comes out of it.

I figured I would try it out to see if I could find something that would give Dusty enough soap while giving him something that would clean his hands good enough.

It is called Simplehuman 8 oz. Touch-Free Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser. It came with a small sample packet of the lavender scent but not enough to obviously fill up the dispenser.

I purchased one refill pouch of the lavender scent soap. The guy don’t seem to care about the scents and the lack of variety so it seems it’s just me, lol.

Now I got the pump, put the batteries in it (it took 4 AA) and messed with the settings for a bit to see if I could find a good amount for him to get his hands clean.

I don’t like that the soap doesn’t suds up enough so I might see once he uses the pouch up if I can use a different soap in it that isn’t the foaming one.

I think Dusty’s medicine makes more oil come out of his glands and that seems to make the soaps less sudsy.

He is like that in the shower too.

I’m hoping to find something that does both.

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