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Originally posted 2018-05-29 11:02:04.

Homeless Ashes

Homeless Ashes is a passion project that was created by Marc Zammit. Marc Zammit was raised on a council estate in London, had a passion for the arts and has wanted to be an actor from when he was just 6 years old. Marc started acting from the age of 12 and has now been acting for 17 years, growing his knowledge and skills. He had always wanted to make a film but wanted to make a film with meaning. He decided to make a film that will help give back to the community! Marc is a massive fan of classic films and wanted to bring this into Homeless Ashes. He spent 3 years developing the film, studying films, lighting, sound, filmmaking, editing and directing. Over the past 3 years Marc went through over 14 drafts of the script with George Wilcox the writer, had meetings with investors, but Marc felt like a dog chasing his tail. The same reason came up every time, it was going to be a risk investing in this film because it would not be easy to sell, Marc was being told he should make a film that would be easy to sell first, but refused and said no! He went down the crowdfunding route to make his debut feature himself, and has created a big family through the crowdfunding to make this film happen!

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