Who wrote the book on how to raise children?

Originally posted 2014-03-31 18:30:07.

You know there are oodles of books on the market on how to raise children. You are told to do it this way or that way. This is the way your parents and grandparents did it. Then after having a special needs child you are under a microscope all the time. For us it was the department of social services. I realize that the intentions of some are good but then you have those few that make all that good look terrible. They look at you like you have some rare disease and are incapable of raising your own children.

One investigation the worker had his own personal opinions. They weighed more than his job guidelines. The man came to my home and saw that my children had made a pallet in the living room floor and slept there while watching television. The worker actually fussed me out because his belief was that the children were not allowed to do such things. They should be in their rooms. But this is also the same gentleman that rigged a drug test on me and two of my friends, then took my children away from on the spot. All because he believed that you shouldn’t date and have children outside of your race.

This man had us do a urine drug test and said that the three of us were all drugged up. For me he said I had methamphetamine and cocaine in my system all with a heart condition which would have raced my heart to the point of exploding. Yet it didn’t show the prescribed opiates in my system One of my friends somehow had alcohol in a urine test. At the time those tests didn’t show alcohol (not sure if they do now or not). I planned on going to see my doctor. I couldn’t do it until the next morning since all this occurred in the evening. The worker had about five deputies standing there and had all this obviously planned. The deputies followed the car with my kids in it and some stayed there to follow me in case I followed the kids. Believe me I wanted to since I know it was complete and utter bullshit.

That next morning I went to my doctor. I was there before the doctors. I told the doctor what had happened. He immediately ordered a blood drawn drug test. Geez to our surprise (hence the sarcasm) there was only my prescribed Percocet. Those results didn’t mean a damn thing to that worker. You see when he did his so-called test he didn’t have to show anyone what the drug test little stick said. All he had to do was tell the judge or magistrate what he saw. That is how they were able to take my children.

To watch your children being taken away from you knowing you did nothing wrong is extremely hard to do. It is hard to hold your composure and not explode on anyone.

After many weeks the county attorney even withdrew his services to the dss investigation/case. He saw that it was something that they did wrong. I eventually got my case dismissed. I could have sued the county,the worker…hell probably could have been sitting pretty right now but I just wanted out. Away from all of this. I wanted my children and wanted to be left alone. I have had more dss investigations than a drug addict parent and I can’t even hold my liquor.
One of the other workers needed to speak to my parents. I tried to warn her. My parents even told her that they (dss) we’re wasting their tax dollars. To go down the street and investigate someone that was actually doing wrong. With my son seeing so many doctors every week by law medical personnel have to report it. Even some of his specialists were at a lose as to dss’s repeated investigations.

You have to constantly worry about if someone is going to impose their personal opinions and say what I may or may not have done was right or wrong. The way it works anyone with a personal vendetta against someone can call dss and falsely accuse someone of doing something and dss has to investigate it. Which I understand the general idea but there needs to be a better way of handling this. There has been way too much time,services,etc wasted investigating false claims. I understand out of all the false claims there could be that one case that an investigation saved the life of a child. But what about the emotional,mental distress that has been done to children like mine that we’re taken away for no good reason other than the guy being prejudice? The sad thing is that if you need them you will be less likely to call them. The current system has failed to protect the children it was intended to protect and damaged others that end up falling upon their desks. Establish a better system,one with justifiable means instead of false claims made by people with reasons other than what it should have been.


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