Week one

Baby steps.

I’m home from the hospital and making progress.

When I was first rolled out of the OR I remember them covering my shoulders with lots of ice packs.

It was to ease the swelling in my shoulders.

They had to pull my arms and shoulders down and back so they could get to my neck the way they needed.

My shoulders hurt like a mf’r when I started waking up.

They were swollen along with my neck.

My upper chest is a little swollen but not much.

I have to keep the collar/neck brace on at all times except for when I am taking a shower and getting dressed.

I’m not able to bend, twist, etc for obvious reasons.

I have to keep my neck as straight as possible.

Somehow I managed to take the brace off in my sleep last night.

I don’t know how long I had it off or even how it came off because it was still closed.

Fingers crossed that I didn’t mess anything up.

My first follow up from surgery is in a few days.

I am getting around alot better just slower, lol.

Day 7

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