Watching and Waiting

Originally posted 2018-04-02 11:52:26.

This is an old post I never published and thought what the heck, post it….

As you will read this is before the passing of my bio father.  This was May 19, 2015 ( 2 months to the day my bio father v-fibbed)

Some days are not the easiest to get through and then others are a breeze. This past couple of weeks have been a mixture. From having to have my daughter make one very hard decision just this past week to continuous battles with the “girlfriend” of my bio. As for the bio “girlfriend”…while for a moment I wanted to spew some of the most hateful words at her but then realizing that it is doing more damage to my heart rather than the aimed target. So I just let it be. She has given herself a huge rope in which to hang herself. She knows the manner in which the power of attorney was done and despite her denial of any previous intent she will end up paying for those actions. I am just waiting…waiting for her to trip over her own feet. She acts as if he has no where to go and no facility will accept him but I know for a fact there are facilities that will take him but it will cost. She has access to all of his assets so there is no excuse. Then to make matters worse he is still in the hospital and now has managed to contract MRSA. It may all be coincidental but it seems all this having occurred after the full power of attorney was signed. Maybe the lawyer and her had this planned as soon as the v-fib…who knows. But one thing is for sure. You can’t do something and not expect any negative consequences. But enough of her. She has wasted enough of my time.





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