Total V

Get ready for a whole new you with Total V, a trio of vaginal exercisers that’ll help you crush your vaginal fitness goals. Beginner or not, anyone can work towards a stronger pelvic floor with three graduated weights: 55g, 75g, and 95g, plus a free, daily routine that’s quick and simple so it fits into any busy schedule. Use these exercisers with a water-based lubricant for optimal comfort and get your workouts in for total vaginal fitness.

Why work out with Total V?
Doing pelvic floor muscle training (also known as Kegel exercises or “Kegels”) can help with vaginal strengthening post-childbirth and/or controlling urinary incontinence in addition to improving the feel of orgasms.

Who needs Total V?
Anyone looking to strengthen pelvic floor muscles! These muscles can weaken due to aging, pregnancy, childbirth, and even being overweight. A pelvic health therapist can help confirm muscle weakness and even help track your training progress for maximum results.

● Rounded design with soft material for comfortable insertion and use. Water-based lubricant recommended.
● No extra cost for the workout routine, everything you need is here online and also included with the exercisers.
● Body-safe silicone made without BPA, phthalates, or latex.
● Exerciser 1: overall length: 5.9 in./15 cm, insertable length: 2 in./5 cm, weight: 1.9 oz./55 g.
● Exerciser 2: overall length: 7.3 in./18.5 cm, insertable length: 3.5 in./9 cm, weight: 2.6 oz./75 g.
● Exerciser 3: overall length: 7.5 in./19 cm, insertable length: 3.5 in./9 cm, weight: 3.4 oz./95 g.

Total V
Total V

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