The fine line between autism and honesty

Originally posted 2016-05-30 19:18:54.


A huge broad term with a lot of variations.

I have always wondered if it was just Dusty or do others have the same issues with their autistic child?

Dusty has gotten to the point where he will lie about the simplest of things.  It is odd when you have someone who has the cognitive and developmental impairments like Dusty has, yet can pull the wool over your eyes on another. He did it to my mom on our trip out to Oklahoma to see Kayla graduate boot camp. It was actually relieving to see what we see quite often on someone like my mom, who like most grandparents I know didn’t see the things the parents would see.  Manipulating and lying I have read is a milestone for person(s) with autism. Granted in some ways I can see why that is said but it is also very frustrating.  Dusty assumes we can see or hear the things he does even when we aren’t looking. He will talk to someone on the phone and they may be asking him a question and he will nod his head yes or no as if they could see him. You could ask him if he dropped medication and he will look you dead in the face and say no even if there were meds on the floor.  We have been giving him the responsibility of telling us when he is low on his medications. Low…not out. One of his medications isn’t kept in stock at the local pharmacy because it is so expensive so giving the pharmacy advance notice so they can order it is imperative.  I may be his legal guardian but he needs to learn certain things. We tell him it is not a good thing to tell a lie but I do not know if he honestly understands the meaning.

I am hoping I can find others that have similar issues with autism and lying.

If you have any suggestions I am all ears. I would like to take any suggestions and post them here so if you wouldn’t mind me posting your comments please tell me otherwise.

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