Telemed Appointments

Originally posted 2020-04-21 10:50:42.

You know this coronavirus quarantine stuff has its ups and downs.

One plus for me is not having to go into a crowded office and having to sit in a overpopulated waiting room. Since Dusty’s immune system is already compromised this is a huge weight off my shoulders! Alot of the patients that are in one of the doctor’s offices are children. As we know as children we didn’t think about where we put our hands.

I mean why do you think it’s so easy for kids to spread stuff at school?

Dusty and Kayla would always end up getting sick when they were in school!

We have had 3 telemedicine appointments since the start of this.

One was our pain management appointments for myself and my husband. We did mine over facebook video via messenger and my husband did it over the phone as he was getting off work and couldn’t do that and drive. We still had to do the urine test but she worked with us so that we didn’t go into the office when there were other patients. They know our son’s condition and made sure we were good before coming in.

My second follow up from spinal surgery was intended to be via video but something wasn’t working and the doctor just ended up doing it over the phone since I didn’t have any unusual complaints.

The third and final one so far was my son’s psych appointment. This is the doctor’s office that is always crowded and with alot of children. So this one is the most important one to me because if anyone had anything in that office he would have most certainly contracted something lol.

It’s been a pain the butt staying home as much as we have but I am just thankful my son is healthy.

How have you and your family been in all of this? Have you had telemedicine appointments during this quarantine?

Have a great day!

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